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As full-time electronics engineer I aim to present content accurate and well described. If you find mistake or error in posted article or review, please contact me thru skype:tin_topmods or drop a message to team[esign] mailbox. For sharing, you can link to Google+ social network.

I work at project on free time and during weekends only, so it may not be as frequently updated as I would like it to be.

Illya Tsemenko

Email: team[sіgn]
Skype: tin_topmods
There is also 24/7 IRC-chat available at or this web interface page

Few rooms are available at IRC: – main room for any EE-related talks
#coding – firmware/software zone
#dev – our development area, discuss existing and upcoming projects
#ee – electronics talk
#repair – Chat and fixing what is broken
#voltnut – precision electronics secrets