Published: 25 June 2016

Setting up and using NI USB-GPIB-HS in Raspberry Pi Linux
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 15 August 2015 Setup and use tutorial for Raspberry Pi and National Instruments USB-GPIB-HS interface dongle.

Fluke 52 II thermometer calibration tutorial
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 11 June 2015 Quick tutorial how to calibrate Fluke 5x-II series thermometer with DC voltage standard and bench DMM.

Adjusting voltage on EVGA EPOWER Classified module
Published: 28 May 2015 How-to for adjusting output voltage on high-current power module EVGA EPOWER.

Parsing strings in Python on Markup/BBCode image tags generator example
Author: Aurel Bay
Published: 07 April 2015 Using python snippet to generate thumbnail image links formatted for BBCode and Textile markup forum posts.

Resistor SMD codes and designators
Author: Aurel Bay
Published: 31 March 2015 SMD Resistor codes and package information.

Extreme OC modifications for EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti K|NGP|N
Author: KPCT
Published: 18 March 2015 Hardware voltage adjustments for EVGA GeForce GTX 980Ti KPE graphics card. Power limits removal and GPU, memory, PLL voltage mods.

Keithley secret menu and settings
Author: Illya Tsemenko
Published: 28 February 2015 Unlocking secret settings menu in Keithley gear

Formatting hex dumps in serial consoles
Author: Aurel Bay
Published: 27 January 2015 Quick and dirty code template to format HEX dumps for human-readable serial outputs / console logs

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